Update Amp Profile

Tools Needed

  • msgpack-tools - this is used to convert your JSON config to MessagePack
  • mkspiffs - used to generate the SPIFFS partition
  • esptool - used to flash the SPIFFS partition

Generate the MessagePack file

Once you've created a JSON file with your MessagePack lighting profile, you'll need to convert it to the binary MsgPack format.
For this next step, install msgpack-tools if you haven't got it already.
Run the following command to convert it into a MessagePack file:
json2msgpack -i config.json -o data/config.mp

Update the Amp

There are two ways to push new profile to your Amp:
  1. 1.
    Send it via Bluetooth LE using the Config Service
  2. 2.
    Flash it to the Amp over USB directly to the SPIFFS (SPI Flash File System) partition

Update using Bluetooth LE

Check out the documentation on the Config Service over Bluetooth LE to send an profile to the Amp

Update using USB

Generate the SPIFFS partition

Move your config.mp file into an empty folder. Anything in the folder will be uploaded to the SPIFFS partition on the Amp. In my case, I've saved it to a folder called data. Use mkspiffs to create the SPIFFS partition from the data folder.
mkspiffs -c data -s 61440‬ spiffs.bin

Flash the SPIFFS partition

Connect your Amp to your computer and use esptool
esptool.py --port COM7 write_flash 0x251000 spiffs.bin