Welcome to the Amp Beta ⚑
The Amp is a motion + gesture reactive lighting controller for bicycles, scooters, e-skates and other micromobility. Alongside brake lights, turn indicators, and head lights, the Amp lets you style your ride with lighting that match your aesthetic.
Amp Beta


    Automatic brake lights
    Motion or gesture controlled turn indicators
    Lighting and motion detection customizable via the Amp Mixer mobile app
    Remote control via the Amp Mixer app or Bluetooth LE
    14 customizable lighting effects for 10 different actions (more to come)


    ESP32 WROOM32E dual core Xtensa Tensilica LX6 processor running at 80 Mhz (can be clocked up to 240 Mhz)
    LIS3DH12 high performance, 3 axis accelerometer
    Up to 2A of regulated 3.3V power from a 2000 mAh Li-Po battery
    USB-C charging
    Serial port + programming over USB-C
    4 Qwiic compatible I/O ports that can also be used as lighting output to
      8 channels of WS2812B (NeoPixels)
      4 channels of APA102 (DotStar)
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